I gave AnnaMarie 5 stars but there are not enough stars in the sky to rate her this year. My family had a tragic loss (My dad) and this caused my family to re look at things. My mom and I decided to sell both our houses and purchase a new home together. It was a no brainer who we would call…..AnnaMarie Davault! This girl has her stuff together! We were on the market with pictures, flyers, social media presence, etc. in less than 7 days. But most of all, she is kind, caring, wants best for HER clients, will work hard, late at night, sacrificing her own personal time with friends and family to make sure nothing is missed during our home buying and selling experience. I cannot say enough wonderful things about AnnaMarie’s professionalism, communication, and willingness to make your time with her a pleasure. We love our Realtor and would highly recommend her with all the stars in the sky, not just the 5 we are limited to here. Thank you to AnnaMarie and the whole Davault Real Estate Team. You all ROCK!


David & Suzie 2018

AnnaMarie took great care of my friend & her son. Becki was so happy with your service & said it was a smooth enjoyable process! I will certainly kepp you in mind for any future referrals. 


Marie - Co-op Broker

It was an absolute joy and pleasure working with AnnaMarie. She was quick to respond and very available. Extremely friendly and professional.


Peer - Cooperative Broker 2018

AnnaMarie really worked tirelessly to keep our transaction moving forward. I look forward to another transaction with her!


Peer - Cooperative Broker 2018

AnnaMarie’s customer service was great!! I got a recommendation to use her from my son and felt very confident in her after speaking with her. She explained everything we needed to know along the way and negotiated for us. Thank you Thank you Thank you!


Tom F. 2018

I got referred to AnnaMarie and am very happy with the service she provided. She Listened to my needs though out the transaction. Will definitely recommend her to anyone looking to buy or sell a home.


Bob L. 2018

AnnaMarie was a recommendation we got from our children. You and the team helped us through the inspection and closing very well. We were able to get all of our answers needed and were able to ahold of her when it was needed.


Mike & Brenda H. 2018

AnnaMarie was very professional, informative, very personal, and also provided easy to understand information on the entire process. She was easy to communicate with and very resourceful, and able to address all my concerns. You could have been a bit clearer on the information regarding the closing process. Rumor had it that AnnaMarie was a great realtor. Your community involvement made me feel that you took pride in your work. I quickly learned that you worked circles around other realtors. I felt that you were looking out for my best interest and protecting me through the transaction. Your communication was daily and frequent keeping me informed as information came in. Utilizing your contacts saved me time and allowed me to focus on my daily business.


Olga R. 2017

Rumor had it that AnnaMarie was a great realtor. Your community involvement made me feel that you took pride in your work. I quickly learned that you worked circles around other realtors. I felt that you were looking out for my best interest and protecting me through the transaction. Your communication was daily and frequent keeping me informed as information came in. Utilizing your contacts saved me time and allowed me to focus on my daily business.


Victor P. 2017

We wanted to thank you for the baby gift, very thoughtful, you didn’t have to do that! Thank you for the wine too, we look forward to sharing it eventually! It has been a pleasure working with you and we appreciate all the hard work that you have put in to get us to this point! The next people that we know that want to sell or buy a house we will definitely send your way!


Justin W. 2017

You are a heaven sent Realtor, a bad mamba jamba, the bomb diggity, the best most perfect Realtor we could ever have! Genuine, sincere, honest, always on top of your game and 3 steps ahead of everyone and everything. On top of that, your a great person to talk to.


Michael & Ashley 2018

You are amazing as you are! Your knowledge and attentiveness to our needs as well as your genuine desire to help us achieve our home. You were always available, we never had to ask twice or wonder “when or what” was going on in our purchase, plus your honesty!


Jenna & John 2018

Your customer service was stellar and I can offer no suggestions for improvement. The lack of competence in our previous Realtor led us to look eslewhere and you cam highly recommended. I appreciated your experience and assertiveness in driving the process. Your reputation checked out!


Brett F. 2018

AnnaMarie is an outstanding agent with an extremely high level of professionalism and knowledge. She provides the advocacy that you deserve as a client and her negotiation skills are the best in the business. AnnaMarie is friendly, outgoing, and on time. She also communicates throughout the process so there is never any question on what is happening during the transaction. I highly recommend AnnaMarie. You won't be disappointed if you hire her. :)


Stefanie G. Lender 2018

Improve on your crawlspace skills. Ha ha! We hired you as our realtor because of our friendship, neighbors and beside that you are extremely experienced and knowledgeable. Plus, we had a lot of confidence in you after selling Bob and Ilda's place. You keep all your bases covered. You dedicate yourself fully in your effort and communication with us.


Bob & Corina G. 2017

AnnaMarie could not do better! We appreciate the time you spent with us. You answered all of our questions along the way and listened to our needs, We will recommend and use AnnaMarie again in the future!


Michael & Liz V. 2017

You were amazing! Amazing communication, loyal, and honest!!. I highly recommend The Davault Team if you are considering making a move. We would definitely use you again.


Craig & Renee B. 2016

I can’t think of any needed improvements. I chose you as my realtor because of my previous relationship and trust. You were fast, efficient and on top of everything all the way through the whole process.


Daniel & Enewan 2016

I hired you because of your sensitivity to my needs, your sense of humor and not showing frustration is what I liked about working with you. Stayed strong even when your clients didn’t.


Lois P. 2016

I can’t think of a thing for you to improve on. I feel I should have been more on top of things the house needed but, who knew? You were warm and approachable and very knowledgeable about your work. Also, the recommendation from a neighbor helped weigh in on my decision to use you. I felt nothing stressful from the initail interview until the sale! WOW!


Mardelle G. 2016

What influenced us to use you was your overall knowledge of the market. You were easy to reach by phone or text. You helped me solve issues along the way such as scheduling cleaners, etc. I will be in touch when I am ready to invest again.


Julie B. 2016

I feel you were easily accessible and I would do business with you again. When we were concerned, you showed a sincere interest in resolving it. I a not easy to please and you handled it like a pro.


Ken B. 2016

You are honest, very fun but business minded.  We would sell and buy with you over again!


Eric & Lavone C. 2016

More Pies! Haha! I think you are Fantastic! We chose you because of your personality, go getter communication and we liked that you were available to answer questions/concerns fix problem that arose professionally.


Bill & Linda B. 2017

You helped my best friend buy his house. You were easy to talk to and understood that it was my first time buying a home and ‘held my hand’ so to speak and helped me out a bunch.


Brandon M. 2016

Improve? Gosh! Are you kidding me! You are awesome! Friend, neighbors and previous great sales experience with Bob’s parents. Your above and beyond experience and knowledge means you’re always available for us on the spot, not to mention your sense of humor and patience.


B & C 2016

AnnaMarie was easily reachable whenever I needed her. She listened to my needs and had answers to all of my questions. I would recommend AnnaMarie and plan to do business with her again.


Steve S. 2017

AnnaMarie was there when we needed her at all times. Whenever we had any concerns she was there to help guide us through the process of also purchasing a For Sale By Owner. She was also very efficient though the transaction.


Erik & Kim C. 2016

There is only so much time in a day and the market was recovering, we did lots of phone tag and you were not always as available as I would have liked. I was busy too. In the end we made it work and I am happier than I have been in a long time! You were a referral to me and you had vast knowledge of the area about where I wanted to live and the schools. I like that you were available in the evening and that you were exactly my voice to the sellers. You even helped talk me down off the ledge a few times and were sound as an expert mediator/negotiator. I will always refer you!

Suzie W. 2016

You were recommended by a friend. We liked your positive attitude and your experience as a Realtor


Billy & Kelsey B. 2015

You’re amazing!! The Davault Team really helped me on my short sale and purchase. I won’t use anyone else. I won’t use anyone but you. You always answered my questions no matter how silly


Heather M. 2015

There is only so much time in a day and I was not always available either. We did lots of phone tag but you made it work.  AnnaMarie was knowledgeable of the area and the schools. She was available evenings and was my “voice” to the sellers and even talked me off the ledge a few time. She was an expert mediator!


Suzanna 2015

AM was such a joy to work with! She made the transaction seamless and communicated extremely well, making it a true collaboration. We were able to close over a week early, to the joy of both of our clients. I look forward to doing business with her in the future!


Peer - Cooperative Broker

AnnaMarie was professional in her style yet very approachable. She was easily accessible…night or day. She was patient with me as I did my “BB in a frying pan approach” to home searching. PLEASE CLONE yourself!


Rick M. 

AM was patient with this senior and was much needed. She knew the area and how to negotiate for my desired result!



Her responsiveness and trust were the most important things that stood out from the crowd.


HomeStreet Bank

I would like to thank you for all of your diligence in helping to hold this deal together. You are a professional broker, and a credit to our industry.

Larry P. (Broker) 2007

This is my second time working with AnnaMarie and I could not be happier. She was fast, efficient, in top of everything all the way through the process.


Cara S. 2016

I really enjoyed working with you and Chris, and you clearly kick-ass at your job! I like working with realtors who I like and who I know will take good care of my clients.


Lender 2017

Your experience influenced me to use you for my realtor. You were very easy to talk to, understood our needs and concerns. Very patient!


Elaine G. 2010

We were reffered to AnnaMarie from our friends. AnnaMarie is down to earth, knows how to have fun, be proffesional, resolve issues immediately and even offered to "personally" help with escrow issues. 


Justin & Deb H. 2013

You were easy to reach, helped me get what I needed and answered all my questions along the way. oh, and you were FUN! We would love to do business with you again when we sell. 


Jerry & Susan 2013

Thank you once again for such a smooth sail. (pun intended) I'm hoping it's ok that I've been giving your name to people in the real estate industry who may need a great agent in your area! You name is out here in Ashland and I hope it brings many more clients for you!


Becki 2017

I have no suggestions for you on how to improve your customer service, you were great! You were always accessible when I needed you and listened. I always trusted that everything was taken care of!


Kyle & Maggie B. 2014

AnnaMarie gets it done and gets it done quickly. I had an offer for OVER the price listed on my condo the day it went on the market. AnnaMarie followed up on the inspections to get them done as quickly as possible. I received a check and signed over the keys within 30 days. A true professional that does not waste time or mess around. Fast, efficient and always on top of everything.


Cara S. 2015

I was reffered to you by a trusted colleague of mine and am pleased with our experience. You were very responsive, and would work with you again in the future!


Lender 2014

You have been a wealth of information & made my dad's home sale go very smoothly, and quickly. I enjoyed working with you due to your proffesionalism, knowledge, suggestions, & know how attitude! Thank you again for everything!


Otmer B. 2016

We were referred to you and decided to use you because you were a professional and a real go getter. You were always available and did not push decisions. You also never thought our requests or questions were stupid. We will highly recommend you.

Bob & Ilda 2013

You have a very good in-depth knowledge of the current market in Portland. We were happy our friend referred us to you. You managed to exceed our expectations even with the difficult negotiations you helped us endure. We will be calling you again for our rental.

M & P 2013

You so kindly took my son under your wing. I just wanted you to know how much we appreciate you sacrificing so many nights out and weekends to make sure he got what he really wanted. You took the time to explain the process and made him feel at ease down to the very last detail!

GW 2014

AnnaMarie was such a blessing to work with. She worked so hard at selling our home while going above and beyond the call of duty. Our house was very high end and at a sales price that was not moving quickly. It sold in less than 40 days, while others remained on the market. She always did what she said she was going to do and we trusted her. You have become like a part of our family! Thank you again!

LV 2014

AnnaMarie was a personal referral from a friend and so down to earth, she knew when to have fun and when to be professional. She resolved issues immediately and even offered to help with personal escrow issues. Way to go above and beyond. Thank you.

J & D 2015

We always trusted everything was taken care of!

K & M 2015

AnnaMarie was so easy to work with. She was very professional and helped us tremendously in the selling of our Dad's home. She was totally on top of things and was always there if we had any questions or concerns. Our interests were her priority. Because of our great working relationship, the home sold quickly and everything went very smoothly. Wonderful lady and a great Realtor!!!

LB 2015

AnnaMarie has a diverse range of experience in real estate and it shows from the beginning of a project through to the absolute end. She does her research and is always well-prepared. There are no obstacles she can't overcome and her number one priority is her client's happiness. I plan on working with her for many years to come.

Zella 2015

Your previous performance and productivity as my agent influences me to use you again and again. You have a winning personality not many can resist. You are always available when I need you.

Lynn H. 2015

I did not have any interest in computers and/or technology being a senior. Your perseverance with me personally kept it going despite me not checking my computer. I was influenced to use you because of your interest in our neighborhood and knowledge. I liked and appreciated your patience with me. You ended up selling my home for more than we listed as promised in 2 days. WOW.

Betty B. 2015

We appreciated you putting up with our "up and down" housing criteria. You spent countless hours up late at night writing offers for us and showing homes on Friday nights. You sold our last house and knew you would be the best choice for our purchase as well. We felt supported and confident that you would go to bat for us in any situation and proved us right again. Thank you again! Referrred you to Mom.

Bryan & Kenna 2015

Please clone yourself! You are very professional in your style but yet at the same time, very approachable. You are easily accessible night or day. You were patient with me as I did my "baby in a frying pan" approach to home searching. I will continue to refer you any chance I get.

Rick M. 2015

You are SIMPLY awesome and that is why we love working with you. We have recommended you many times and will continue to do so. Thank you for everything you did and have done for us!

KF 2015

You are quick, efficient knowledgeable and friendly. Just what an attorney likes. Good combination. We will work togther again.

DD 2015

AnnaMarie is a true professional and knows the ins and outs of real estate. She's one step ahead at all times and can anticipate obstacles. She handles the difficult parts of the transaction so her clients don't have to. I'm so glad she represented us!

K Z | Home Seller 2014

That was the easiest selling of a home I have ever experienced. I never imagined it could go so well. I know your experience and expertise is why that happened.

Justin F | Home Seller 2014

AnnaMarie is the BEST! I loved her from the get go. There is no grass growing under this girl's feet. She is positive, ambitious, knowledgeable, trustworthy, and gets the job done. She has a wonderful way of making one feel confident of a good outcome and spends a lot of late nights doing her best for her customer. She maintains regular contact with her client(s) and answers all questions/concerns with good information and integrity. Plus, she's fun! She obviously loves what she does and consequently does it well. I will recommend her to anyone I know who needs a home sold or is looking. It is a privilege to write this review.

Pat S.  2013

It was bittersweet. Thank you for everything. YOU are the best! Not only as a Realtor, but as a friend. I greatly appreciate the professional job you did selling the house but also your love and support through the process.

DE 2013

It was amazing to work with you! Not only did we have a GREAT home selling and buying experience that FAR exceeded our expectations, but I feel as if we made a fabulous new friend.

K & D P. 2013

We are very impressed with the service that AnnaMarie Davault has provided to us as our realtor. She was patient with us throughout the process of looking at countless houses over the course of three months, until we found the right one. Because it was a short sale, it was another four months until we actually closed, but because of her loyalty and persistence, we have a new home! She handled some difficult situations with the sellers and lenders with professionalism, and we knew that we could count on her to act on our behalf. She has experience and knowledge of today's real estate market, and her service exceeded our expectations dramatically. We now refer to her as the "Best Realtor Ever" and count her among our friends. We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a realtor who is willing to go the extra mile for you.

John & Emily L. 2012

I enjoyed being a member of your team, and look forward to working with you again!

Kelly - Marketing Assist - 2012

Congratulations on this closing. It is always gratifying to assist in closing a successful sale as well as provide the type of service that makes escrow a pleasant experience for both buyers and sellers. I want to thank you for your role in helping us achieve that goal. I want to also compliment you on your professional service. Your client certainly made a wise choice when choosing you to be their agent. I will be sure to refer clients to you when the opportunity arises. Thank you

Title Company 2012

If anyone needs a good Realtor, I'll send them your way. You're the best AnnaMarie and it was such a pleasure working with you.

LB & GF 2012

I enjoyed my entire experience with you. You were the only realtor that I met with, but I am glad that I made the decision to use you and I don't thnk my decision would've been any different if I had met with anyone else. You were easily available and I also really appreciate that you put me in contact with another lender.


Daniel 2012

She sold my home faster than 3 days as promised. I also liked getting free pens from her.

Pat B. 2011

I really appreciated your professionalism and the hard work you did in getting this transaction put together. I hope to have many more with you!

Bob G. Co-op Agent 2011

Your knowledge, presentation and enthusiasm influenced us. Thank you for all the communication and getting right back to us.

Jerry & Phyllis S. 2011

Again just wanted to say it was great working with you! It was also nice to finally meet you in person. If you ever consider switching companies, think of KW. It would be great to work with you more.

M.M. Co-op Broker 2010

AnnaMarie Davault is by far the best Real Estate Agent I have had the pleasure to represent me both with purchasing and selling. The level of professionalism and dedication to her clients is second to none. If you need an Agent who goes above and beyond your buying or selling needs look no further. I can say now that for my next home purchase, I can confidently say that my mind will be at ease because I know she has my best interest. Thanks AnnaMarie for all the outstanding work!

Kris B. 2010

Please continue to do what you do. You had great insight for us. You represent your clients first and foremost. You were the silver lining in a difficult transaction. I would do business with you again and again.

Mike F. 2010

First let me thank you for being so on top of everything. It's wonderful to work with an agent who understands the true meaning of "time is of the essence". From the first moment you got the offer in quickly, sent a great letter from Chris, sweetened the deal with a higher offer than asking price and have followed up on each and every detail well within the necessary timeframes. I, for one, totally appreciate your professionalism. Mike Hasson definitely knows how to pick his agents.

Rachel F. (Broker) 2010

Your experience influenced me to use you for my realtor. You were very easy to talk to, understood our needs and concerns. Very patient!


Elaine G. 2010

AnnaMarie was just Awesome to work with! I have known her for years and just trusted her. I liked everything about working with her.

Bill L. 2009

AnnaMarie is a pleasure to work with. I recommend her as a great realtor who works for a great company and I look forward to working with her again in the near future.

Steve N. Lender 2007

AnnaMarie is an extremely accomplished agent and an asset to anyone. She manages her real estate business with ethics and enthusiasm and she is a pleasure and delight to work with. AnnaMarie lights up any room she walks in to.

Connie D. Co-op Agent 2006

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity. Working with AnnaMarie has always been a great experience; I've especially appreciated her enthusiasm and love for the real estate business.

Michelle K. Lender 2006

AnnaMarie does a great job walking clients through the mortgage process, from start to finish. She is very talented and educated with the service she provides in helping people get homes and loans and I highly recommend her to everyone!

Scott T. 2006 Lender 2006

AnnaMarie! You are insanely awesome!!! Thank you so much!!

John & Pat 2007

AnnaMarie's services were very prompt and courteous. She was very patient and very helpful in my buying of a home. I would recommend her to many friends and hope that I can use her services in the future.

D Z  2008

AnnaMarie, Thanks so much for your work with the sale of our home in Gresham, OR. Since we had already moved to California it was very important to have a knowledgeable and seasoned agent representing us. Your knowledge and experience really showed through the entire process. We managed to get the house sold quickly and the transaction went through in a very timely manner. Thank you for going above and beyond by scheduling and meeting with contractors and looking after our house while we were in California. We wish you the best in your future endeavors and would gladly recommend your services to any friend or family that would need a Real Estate Agent in the future.

Eliel & Kesia 2007

You were a complete go getter, you always answered my questions along the way and took all the pressure off me. You really got the job done.

Heather 2009

We appreciated your willingness to help when we were looking around town and in different neighborhoods. We were impressed with your enthusiasm, you listened to our needs, and adjusted with us as we searched so as not to waste each others time. 

Dave & Mary 2008

AnnaMarie was a delight to work with and I will continue to use her and refer her in the future. She had a bulldog professional business attitude. With her knowledge and persistence we felt we had a shot at any offer we made and all negotiations were done with our best interest in mind. Her communication was constant. 

Troy & Rachel 2009

You were very patient and easy to talk to. You understood our needs and concerns.

Shelby & Elaine 2009

You were so serious and honest about your job, we felt confident that our house would sell. You answered our questions and supported us through the entire process. Please continue your work ethic and enthusiasm.

Bryan & Kenna 2010